Saturday, 31 January 2009

Dark Reign

Dark Avengers #1

Looks like Dark Avengers will be a continuation of what Warren Ellis did with the Thunderbolts recently. Tommy Lee Osborn is a great reinvention of a character that will carry this book. The line up of faux heroes is in some ways obscure to a non Marvel fanboy. The art follows on the style from Thunderbolts and Bullseye has an excellent reaction to becoming an avenger.

Thunderbolts #128

With Tommy Lee Osborn taking on the visible side of things in Dark Avengers (taking the rest of the Thunderbolts with him), this new team is pitched as the covert and nasty end of his work. It's good to see the new Antman hasn't been forgotten, but it's to early to tell if this new Thunderbolts have any chemistry as a team. An adequate first issue for a new line up, but nothing special.

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