Monday, 9 March 2009

RPG Review: Star Wars Saga Edition

I like the Star Wars universe and have somewhat of a tolerance for the prequels, so with that in mind here is my review of the most recent attempt at a RPG system for Star Wars. First a small bit of background to when this book came out. This edition was written during the time that dungeons and dragons 4th ed was being written and 3.5 materials were still being released. As such after a reading you feel the best bits of both editions were fed into this project.

There 5 basic classes to choose from when making up a character, noble, scoundrel, scout, soldier and of course Jedi. All are blank slates with you choosing feats and talents tailored for each class (much like powers in 4th edition). Multiclassing seems to be encouraged. Prestige classes are well thought out and no more powerful than the basic classes. Skill ranks have been removed to be replaced with a number of skills you’re either trained with or not. All use of the mystical force is reduced down to taking a feat for powers and one skill Use the Force. So as a summary

The background material is well researched and rounded. I would have liked more on individual planets and the eras as they are where your adventures are mostly taking place but the descriptions of NPCs from the movies and other material makes up for this.

The layout and presentation of this book is top notch. The cover is a lovely print of Darth Vader in gold on black. The interior art is the best of old editions, movies photos and some nice original art.

I will be reading the campaign setting books for this edition as they seem the most extra materials. In particular the “Knights of the Old Republic” campaign setting seems like fun. My only complaint is not keeping on the wound point system from the previous edition, but that can easily be played around with. All in all a good way to play everything from your disgraced Jedi to demented droid to nefarious bounty hunter.

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